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Editors: The excerpts below are from "Racial Transformation and the Changing Nature of Segregation," a report by Gary Orfield and Chungmei Lee for the Harvard Civil Rights Project. Too often in our national conversations, racism and segregation are treated as though they are things of the past or problems that remain only in isolated pockets. This report makes clear that racism in education remains a significant problem and that segregation has reasserted itself with a vengeance over the last decade. It also points out that racism and segregation can no longer be understood as simply a black/white problem while reminding us that no serious discussion of these questions can take place without considering economics, class, and the symbiotic relationship between race and poverty in U.S. history and contemporary society. This report is crucial for anyone wanting to understand the truth about access to quality education in U.S. society. A link to the full report follows the excerpts.





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