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Separable nonlinear equations have the form 𝐹(𝑦, 𝑧) ≑ 𝐴(𝑦)𝑧 + 𝑏(𝑦) = 0, where the matrix 𝐴(𝑦) ∈ Rπ‘šΓ—π‘ and the vector 𝑏(𝑦) ∈ Rπ‘š are continuously differentiable functions of 𝑦 ∈ R𝑛 and 𝑧 ∈ R𝑁. We assume that π‘š β‰₯ 𝑁 + 𝑛, and 𝐹'(𝑦, 𝑧) has full rank. We present a numerical method to compute the solution (π‘¦βˆ—, π‘§βˆ—) for fully determined systems (π‘š = 𝑁+ 𝑛) and compatible overdetermined systems (π‘š > 𝑁+ 𝑛). Our method reduces the original system to a smaller system 𝑓(𝑦) = 0 of π‘š βˆ’ 𝑁 β‰₯ 𝑛equations in 𝑦 alone. The iterative process to solve the smaller system only requires the LU factorization of one π‘šΓ— π‘š matrix per step, and the convergence is quadratic. Once π‘¦βˆ— has been obtained, π‘§βˆ— is computed by direct solution of a linear system. Details of the numerical implementation are provided and several examples are presented.

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