consumerism, environmental education, place-based research; the Matrix

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Growing up, I loved going to camp. My parents who are here today will attest to the fact that going to Camp Wilani was the center of universe around which I revolved. We were always one of the very first cars in line before they opened the gate. I couldnʼt wait to snag my bunk, and meet my new counselor and cabin mates. Camp Wilani had a particular smell: Oregon Coastal Mountain forest, the riparian foliage next to the lagoon, old wooden cabins and bunks. I loved that place, and my summers there fostered my deep love of nature and being outside; not through any particular programming, but simply because I had fun there, I felt accepted there, I made new friends and had counselors who were kind to me. It was an adventure, and I associated being in nature with good things happening, and (obviously) it stuck.







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