Storytelling, ecological identity

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Everyone has a story to tell; a story about their journey, about their struggles, about discovering themselves, and about how they became who they are as a person. A person’s journey may help explain how one forms their identity and perceives themselves. That journey may include: values, beliefs, attitudes, hobbies, spiritual paths, or profound inspirations that have helped shape and giving meaning to a person’s life. This script is such a story. It is a story about how I became a more confident, complete person dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural world. This occurred while seeking inspiration and solace from the beauty of wildlife and wild places. This script includes profound inspirational people, encounters, and events that have helped shape my character, giving me a sense of identity, and enabling a view of the human species as a part of the biotic community upon the earth. A part where we serve an equal and important role, just as other species serve and fulfill. This script is rooted in the philosophy of deep ecology and how through considering the idea of deep ecology, one may discover their true ecological identity.


personal narratives

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Environmental education; Indians of North America; Human behavior; Identity; Spirituality; Deep ecology

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North Cascades National Park Service Complex (Agency : U.S.)









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