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Words do not stand alone. As humans we make meaning of language and have the choice to wield it as a tool of inclusivity and justice, or as a tool of division and subjugation. To that end, language should be used with thought and intention. This paper examines the word “too” and its place in interpersonal and intrapersonal power struggles. “Too” has an inherently anthropocentric bias and serves to separate us from each other and from the natural world. Environmental education also suffers from “too,” but there exists the potential for the field to be bolstered by it instead. If environmental education can embrace the “too” nature of its students and learn from the earth’s unconditional acceptance, we as educators may teach the whole person in an authentic and engaged way.


personal narratives

Subjects - Topical (LCSH)

Environmental education; Language and emotions; Too (The English word); Rape; Mountaineering; Extreme environments; Emotions








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