Volume 4 (2019) Cohort 16


Welcome to the fourth volume of Huxley College's graduate journal, Summit to Salish Sea: Inquiries and Essays which includes the capstone presentations (or paper submissions) of Cohort 16 of the M.Ed. Graduate Students who live for one year within the North Cascades National Park at the North Cascades Institute.

This cohort of students took the singular challenge to explore the interior terrain of their lives to understand how their positionality affects their learning - and how their life-experiences are part of the larger landscape of environmental education and its future.

In this volume authors invite readers to explore their inner child, to examine their relationships to gender, the outdoor education industry, and race. These questions are all coming at a critical time, when students are examining the particular limitations of this field of study, looking to expand its current horizons to include social justice, equity, and human rights.

Students presented these presentations as capstones during their final week of their Masters (March 2018).




Farm Camp Fun
Rebecca Moore


Nicholas Stanger, PhD, WWU
Communications Director
Ali Burdick, MEd cand.
Assistant Editors
Gene Myers, PhD, WWU
Joshua Porter, MS
Joy Beauchamp, MA
Ali Burdick, MEd cand.
David Rossiter, PhD
Sarah Olson, MEd cand.
Gavin Willis, MEd
Joe Loviska, MEd