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Bodensteiner, Leo R., 1957-

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Winter 1998


Ecology of Nepal, Conservation policies


Nepal is a small, independent country located between Tibet, India, and Sikkim. Its government is a constitutional monarchy. Its constitution has gone through many changes since it was first created in 1948. The most recent changes “ended almost thirty years of absolute monarchy (Savada 1993).” This 1990 constitution “vests sovereignty in the people and declares Nepal a multiethnic, multilingual, democratic, independent, indivisible, sovereign, and constitutional monarchical kingdom (Savada 1993).” The king is still chief of state, but the government is now multiparty with separation of powers and guarantee of human rights.

The land area of Nepal is approximately equal to the size of Tennessee, but its location in the Himalayas gives it tremendous vertical relief, extending from about 100 m (ft) above sea level in the terai (an extension of the Gangetic plain) up to 8848 m (29,028 ft) at the top of Mt. Everest. Kathmandu is the capital of this country. Hinduism is the official religion, but it is so intermingled with Buddhism that the two are not easily distinguishable.

We began our program by spending a week in Kathmandu and Pokara completing preparations for our trek and adding to the framework of knowledge we had for our studies of Nepal. The majority of the program consisted of the trek from Baglung, northwest around the Dauliguari Range and up into the Dolpa district of Nepal (Nepal is divided into zones and districts instead of states or provinces). Within Dolpa, we completed a loop trail, before flying out to Nepalgang on the Nepal-India border and returning to Kathmandu.


Environmental Studies


Wildlands Studies, SFSU

Nepal Summer 1997

Huxley College of Envionmental Studies: Foreign Study Option

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Tourism--Nepal--Shey-Phoksumdo National Park; Parks--Nepal--Management; Natural resources--Nepal--Management; Human ecology--Nepal

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Shey-Phoksumdo National Park (Nepal); Nepal


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