Welcome to Western Washington University's Environmental Education Graduate journal, Summit to Salish Sea: Inquiries and Essays. This publication is designed to celebrate the work of an unusual and exciting Masters of Environmental Education program hosted by Western Washington University's College of the Environment and North Cascades Institute. The articles within this journal represent final capstone presentations which are delivered at the end of the graduate students program. They are separated into two submission styles: speeches and articles. Some of the submissions are enriched with multimedia, including audio, video, and photography.

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Current Volume: Volume 6 (2021) Cohort 18


This represents the final issue of the Summit to Salish Sea: Inquiries and Essays journal that celebrated the the capstone presentations (or paper submissions) of Cohort 18 of the M.Ed. Graduate Students who lived for one year within the North Cascades National Park at the North Cascades Institute.

These students were interrupted by COVID-19 weeks before their scheduled presentations and weren't able to present these projects to a Iive audience. Despite this unexpected interruption, these students were wholly committed to the process, and shared their work with friends and family as best they could

Cohort 18 was a special group of students. Throughout the two years they were playing with creative approaches to teaching, learning, and living in the environment. Plays, poetry, games, and magazines - quite a diversity of projects here.

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