An Honors Senior Project is required for graduation through the WWU Honors College. The Senior Project serves as a “capstone” experience, synthesizing what students have done in their entire education, including but not limited to their work in the major and in Honors.

The term, Senior Project, is vague, and for a reason. The term “Senior Thesis” is easily available, but it is one the WWU Honors College deliberately has avoided. While the project must be “product oriented,” i.e., there must be something tangible at the end of the process, it may be a long paper, that is a thesis, but it may also take several other forms, e.g., a recital, a painting, an album, a bound book, all of which have been quite successful senior projects.




Human resource Accounting: A Survey, Cindy Slack (Anderson)



Yoruba Drums, Robert L. (Robert Lynn) Thompson



The Epistemology of Immanuel Kant, David Carl Bratz


The Bellingham Golf and Country Club Since 1912, Steve (Steven Randolph) Hager